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Planning Ahead for Your Summer Camp? Plan on Buying With Confidence!

By Alpha Factor Training April 28, 2015

Spring has arrived and if you’re like many gym owners and coaches you’re starting to gear up for summer. The sun will shine, school will be out and with that comes campers! Whether you’re planning a special week-long team event, thinking about your recreational campers, or just want to offer some new and refreshing styles to your customers, Aerials by Alpha Factor’s Buy With Confidence Program is a risk free, no money down option for you to maximize your profits this summer. You choose the styles you’d like to receive (or your Relationship Manager is more than happy to do it for you), keep the items in your pro-shop for 60 days, and send back any unsold items at the end of your term. It’s as easy as that!

Our 2015 Camp collection will be available the first week of May. In the meantime, check out our styles online and contact your regional Relationship Manager to get started today!

Region 1: Tia Orlando

(714) 887-3552

[email protected]

Region 5: Shelby Prunty

(615) 651-2477

[email protected]

Region 7: Danielle Blasser

(717) 472-1695

[email protected]

Region 8: Adrienne Putrow

(706) 224-5914

[email protected]

If you don’t have a Relationship Manager in your area – don’t worry! Contact customer service today to get started at 800-825-7428!

In addition to giving your pro-shop a boost this summer, Alpha Factor’s Gym ID line is a great way to give summer camp participants customized apparel. Whether its tank tops or leotards, our new glitz options and color choices are sure to be a hit! Look for the 2015/2016 catalog which will be available early May.

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